• Question: Hey, I’m sorry to disturb you from your work because you probably have a lot of other questions to get through but: 2. Do any other people work with you? Like in the same room, perhaps so you could talk and share ideas or are you alone? I gave you a number of questions so you can pick 1 or a few to answer :)

    Asked by AvaJ to Carys on 5 Jun 2021.
    • Photo: Carys Kelly

      Carys Kelly answered on 5 Jun 2021:

      Hi Ava, thank you so much for all of your amazing questions! I work at home just now because of the coronavirus pandemic, and because I only started my job last September I’ve only ever worked from home. Luckily I have some space in my flat for a desk and chair so that’s where I work everyday.

      Since we can’t meet in the office, we do all of our meetings online on Microsoft Teams, its a bit like what you would have done during homeschooling. I work in a team of around 10 people and we talk everyday, sharing our ideas and deciding how we want to do things. Our team is also part of a “Clan” which has loads of other teams in it – this is around 100 people!