• Question: is there diveristy in engineering?

    Asked by iliana on 17 Jul 2021.
    • Photo: Louise Wood

      Louise Wood answered on 23 Jun 2021:

      Oh yes. Some factories are more so than others. The only thing I don’t really know about is diversity regarding an individuals gender or sexual orientation. Our contact with customers is generally very formal and professional, we don’t get to know people well enough to get so personal.

    • Photo: Sam Hurst

      Sam Hurst answered on 24 Jun 2021:

      There is lots of diversity in engineering with a lot being from European background in both genders. The UK seems to have the lowest number of British women in engineering which we would like to change. We need more women in our problem solving teams to offer a more collaborative and empathetic communication style that benefits every decision.

    • Photo: Tommy Shinton

      Tommy Shinton answered on 24 Jun 2021:

      There is, not as much as there should be, but it’s getting better. In the past (before I started) it would be mostly men as engineers, but thankfully that’s changed a lot and it’s a much better mix of ages, genders, ethnicities and backgrounds.
      Companies are now actively trying to recruit more diverse staff – a more diverse team will come up with a better mix of ideas and have a better mix of strengths too so it makes sense.

    • Photo: Manish Labroo

      Manish Labroo answered on 24 Jun 2021: last edited 24 Jun 2021 8:35 am

      Indeed, and i think we can do better when it comes to increasing diversity. I can probably give a better answer if you tell us what diversity means to you.
      At workplace, these usually mean:
      * diversity of mindsets (probles solvers, integrators, leaders, organisers) or
      * diversity of core discipline (mechanical/electrical/chemical engineering, Finance / accounting / legal / contracts, or business administration), or
      * diversity of experience levels and age
      * diversity of gender identity (gender equity or LGBTQ+)
      * diversity of race and ethnic groups
      These are all focus areas for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (D,E&I) where i work.

    • Photo: Mark Eyles

      Mark Eyles answered on 24 Jun 2021:

      Massive diversity. This is a topic of constant review and the situation gets better and better.

    • Photo: Jessica Poore

      Jessica Poore answered on 24 Jun 2021:

      It’s something that is improving all the time – but it does depend on the area of engineering a bit (and what kind of diversity you mean!). If we talk about gender, then there are definitely some areas which are quite male-dominated still, but it’s changing every day :). In terms of where people come from, language, background and personality, there is plenty of diversity, and that’s one of the really fun things about working in engineering is coming across people from all different backgrounds and lifestyles.

    • Photo: Steve Anderson

      Steve Anderson answered on 24 Jun 2021:

      yes, people of all persuasions are treated exactly the same in Engineering. there are more female engineers today as well as people from all countries around the world.

    • Photo: Chloe James

      Chloe James answered on 24 Jun 2021:

      Like lots of the other engineers have said, it depends what diversity means to you! If you consider gender diversity, there are (generally speaking) more male engineers than female engineers, but this is something that is improving as time goes on. If you consider diversity as background, such as if you went to university, did an apprenticeship, were in the Armed Forces, etc, then there is plenty of diversity. One of my favourite things about engineering is that people start at different places – some go to university, some complete an apprenticeship, some join the military, some join a company straight from school. This means everyone has different experiences and different knowledge, which makes a company really diverse.

    • Photo: Caroline Roche

      Caroline Roche answered on 26 Jun 2021:

      Yes and people are always working on improving it even more. People have realised the more diverse group you have looking at a problem, the better the solution will be.

    • Photo: Carys Kelly

      Carys Kelly answered on 28 Jun 2021:

      To be honest, it really depends on the type of engineering. Some are really diverse and some are not at all. The good thing is that it’s improving all the time, in every industry. If you are interested in this definitely have a look at some companies you are interested in to see what diversity and inclusion policies and goals they have. This will give you a good idea of that company’s commitment!

    • Photo: Tom Kitching

      Tom Kitching answered on 28 Jun 2021:

      There is diversity in engineering – how much varies depending on which type of engineering.
      I did chemical engineering at university, and there was probably close to 40% international students or students from Europe. There was also around 30% women on my course, which is more than many engineering courses.

    • Photo: Katie Rae

      Katie Rae answered on 1 Jul 2021:

      I think it depends on the type of engineering. Some fields are more diverse than others. The good news is I really see a drive to be more diverse in engineering across the board. And things are improving in all areas of Engineering I think.
      Companies, and universities have a responsibility to try to make engineering as diverse and accepting as possible.