• Question: What is the most effective military weapon you have made?

    Asked by IsaacA on 17 Jul 2021.
    • Photo: Caroline Roche

      Caroline Roche answered on 1 Jul 2021:

      I have assembled a recurve bow that can hit a metre-squared, brightly coloured, stationary target with an accuracy of 60% at 70m, 100% at 30m. (The accuracy is affected dramatically by the weather and the mood of the archer.)

      Not quiet sure how effective it would be in the modern military but it makes a good hobby.

    • Photo: Chloe James

      Chloe James answered on 2 Jul 2021:

      I haven’t made any military weapons unfortunately, but I’ve worked on a couple of military programmes (the RAF’s Chinook helicopter and the Royal Navy’s Type 45 Warship) and the weapons on board there are all pretty cool.

      The most effective one in my opinion is the Aster 30 missile, which is an anti-air one (so is generally installed on ships) and can intercept supersonic missiles flying close to the sea, or even aircraft, should the need arise.

    • Photo: Louise Wood

      Louise Wood answered on 2 Jul 2021:

      I haven’t made any weapons either.I have done some work on some stacks on the roof at Portsmouth Docks. Because I was working so close to the warships, I had to be pre-checked and have armed military guards accompany me at all times. They were scared of heights which was funny. Its not until you get close to our military ships do you appreciate the size of the guns on board. Incredible. I haven’t done that job for a few years now but I’d love to go back.

    • Photo: Emma Fife

      Emma Fife answered on 2 Jul 2021:

      That is definitely hard to say as most weapons systems are designed to be able to hit their target with the utmost precision and thus all would be very effective. I would say probably the system I have worked on that can fire the longest distance is the large calibre gunnery system for the Type 26 warship. The gun itself is capable of firing a distance around 20 miles away without even needing to see its target.