• Question: What is your favourite part of your job? And what is your least favourite part

    Asked by Anya A on 5 Jun 2021. This question was also asked by LeahS, JacobC.
    • Photo: Gemma Singer

      Gemma Singer answered on 5 Jun 2021:

      My favourite part of being a mechanical engineer is getting creative and brain storming ideas. It can be really fun to think about what problems we are trying to solve.

      My least favourite part is tidying up after prototyping and testing… it can get messy!

    • Photo: Melis Duyar

      Melis Duyar answered on 5 Jun 2021:

      My favourite part of being a university lecturer in chemical engineering is solving problems with students and researchers. For example, sometimes we will be in lab trying to decide how to run an experiment, and seeing the results (new molecules being formed from greenhouse gases!) is amazing! At other times I get to discuss with students in my classes how to go about designing a large scale chemical production facility, while preventing harm to the environment and ensuring the safety of everyone in and around the facility. It’s really cool to arrive at a creative solution and brainstorm ways to make chemicals on a large scale, and try to come up with alternatives that have lower and lower carbon footprints.

      My least favourite part is when students in my class do not ask any questions, because asking questions is the best way to learn and discussing chemical engineering with them is one of the best parts of my job.

    • Photo: Emma Crook

      Emma Crook answered on 7 Jun 2021:

      my favourite part is thinking of an idea, drawing it out, working with my teammates to design all the different parts, then ordering it all, building it, and then turning it on! to see that whole process from idea to working machinery is awesome.
      my least favourite part is completing the offshore survival training where you get dropped into a swimming pool inside a helicopter! although needed to teach you how to act if that happens, it’s quite scary!

    • Photo: Carys Kelly

      Carys Kelly answered on 7 Jun 2021:

      My favourite part of my job is getting to work with lots of different people. I love sharing ideas as a team and discussing these so that we can do the best work possible for people who buy Sky products. I also love this part of the job as I learn so much from the people I work with because we all have different experiences.

      My least favourite part of my job should hopefully be over soon as it’s working from home! I started my job in September 2020 and due to the pandemic, have never been to the office. I’ve never met anyone I work with “in real life” and only see them on video call meetings. I’m so excited to get into the office one day to see how different it is to home working.

    • Photo: Mark Eyles

      Mark Eyles answered on 8 Jun 2021:

      My favourite part is innovating and working on solutions to problems. I like the challenge of solving a problem, finding answers. My least favourite part, honestly, is paperwork. I like writing reports about work completed but I don’t drudgery. The good news is that I don’t see too much of the latter and as things evolve I think we will see less.

    • Photo: Sophie Dawson

      Sophie Dawson answered on 10 Jun 2021:

      My favourite thing about my job is knowing that the work I do has such a big impact on peoples lives! I love knowing that the products I design will go on to improve peoples health and quality of life.

      My least favourite thing is the paperwork that goes with working with medical products. The work I do has to meet a lot of standards (with good reason – the products need to be safe!) but that often comes with a lot of paperwork. It’s all worth it though!

    • Photo: Richard Totty

      Richard Totty answered on 11 Jun 2021:

      My favourite part of my job is providing mentoring to the team I work with, and seeing them become independently capable to undertake the work we do.

      The least favourite part of what I do, is hearing about the accidents and injuries which still happen in the construction industry, even though we work very hard to make it as safe an environment as possible to work in. It is always terrible to hear about someone who has injured themselves whilst performing their work duties. This makes me more determined after hearing about such an accident, to try not let it happen again on any of our projects in the future, as we all just want to be able to go home safely at the end of a days work.

    • Photo: Ruth McKinlay

      Ruth McKinlay answered on 17 Jun 2021:

      My favourite is problem solving with my team, when something needs doing or fixing we get together and brain storm ideas. This can be really fun and when you manage to get the job it is the best feeling!
      My least favourite is when something goes wrong on a weekend and I have to go to work outside my normal hours, luckily this doesn’t happen very often!