• Question: what qualifications do you need to become an engineer

    Asked by KANE_HUDSON99 to Sam on 17 Jul 2021.
    • Photo: Sam Hurst

      Sam Hurst answered on 12 Jul 2021:

      Depending on your career path you may not be able to find an apprenticeship that suits your career goals. If you have a clear idea of your career path and there is an apprenticeship that will get you there then they are an excellent option.

      A university degree can give you time to decide and understand what your ultimate career goal may be, university allows you to study traditional subjects whilst keeping your career options open. It’s also often mentioned that university has a great social scene and you get to concentrate solely on academic study for three years. A university degree is not to be dismissed lightly.

      Apprenticeship grades depends on the scheme, but we’ll be looking for at least two A Levels at grade A*-C, with five GCSEs (or equivalent) in English, Maths and a Science. Alternatively, you may have already completed a Level 3 Advanced Apprenticeship.