• Question: What type of engineering do you do?

    Asked by Anya A to Sophie, Abigail on 7 Jun 2021.
    • Photo: Abigail Seager

      Abigail Seager answered on 7 Jun 2021:

      Great question – I’d say my job is a little bit of a mixture. I’m a Systems Engineer which means I help build and look after a few different systems. I do some broadcast engineering (solving problems to do with making telly and radio shows), but I also do some network engineering (finding ways to get computers talking to eachother) and sometimes even a little bit of software engineering (coding). It’s a real mixture, which is one of the things I think makes it really fun!

    • Photo: Sophie Dawson

      Sophie Dawson answered on 10 Jun 2021:

      My job title is Mechanical Design Engineer, but my degree was in medical engineering. They’re largely the same sort of job, but one just has a focus on the body instead. If you decided to do either at uni, you could easily switch between the two in future jobs – I’d recommend going for the one you’d enjoy most if this is something you’re interested in. Day to day, I design parts and products, I write the training material to teach surgeons about how to use the products that the company make, and I also get to test and break different components. The job changes a lot each day, so it’s always really interesting!